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New Valve Spring Kits coming to Alex's Parts!

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UPDATE- May 30th, 2020

Manufacturing of our new springs has been delayed due to the lock down in Michigan. The Peterson spring factory (PAC) was completely shut down for almost two months. As a result, our order has been delayed. Looks like it will be some time in August before we see them.

March 21st, 2020

Some folks already know, back in late 2018, the US lost one of it's valve spring factories. The company was located in Chicago IL and had been a major spring supplier to many popular US brand name companies for many decades. When we found out they were shutting down in early 2018, we procured as many springs as possible but only got enough to last around a year and a half with some springs running out in less than a year. This factory had been making springs in the US for decades, now they're gone. Due to the shortage, many of our spring kits were no longer available.

Well, we've been working hard at building a new relationship with another US spring factory and we're finally at the point where they'll start making our springs as well as some retainers.

Through the process, we've created several new spring designs to cover a wider range of cam profiles meaning more choice for Hyd Roller Cams as well as Hyd Flat Tappet cam engines. 

Our popular .550" lift kits for SB Ford received a redesign to increase RPM potential for use with more aggressive cam profiles. We're adding a new Max Output I beehive kit for SB Fords with lifts up to .525". There will be a new beehive kit for SBF HO w/ stock cams with boost as well as normally aspirated.

Also new for SBF will be springs kit for many of the Anderson profiles featuring 130 & 140 Lbs on the seat w/ 350-360 Lbs open.

Two new beehive springs for SBC Vortec in both, flat tappet and roller as well as more inventory of springs for our 130 Lb seat drop in vortec kit # Vsk4h53 and 110 Lb seat # Vsk4h50.

Also new will be a beehive flat tappet kit for BB Chevy for both, 11/32" and 3/8" stem valves.

We're adding a reduced weight 10 degree beehive retainer which can be used with many applications and hope to put in higher quantities of 10 degree locks in Std and plus/minus .050" for 3/8" stem engines. (we already have them for 11/32")

What will be the price on the new beehive kits? Well... lets just say they'll be extremely fair with some versions being lower than ever before.

We're still a few months out but hope to be building new spring kits by June 2020 pending the current health crisis issue is resolved.

To our small block Ford customers; A big THANK YOU for your support over the past 17 years, you folks will be really happy with the new Max Output designs coming out for SBF GT40 & GT40P applications.

Thanks, Alex