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New Viton Valve Seals- Now Available for SB Ford GT40 and GT40P Engines

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Effective March 31st 2014- We have upgraded the valve seal design for GT40 and GT40P heads. When a customer adds valve seals to a spring kit, they will receive the best Viton valve seals available for GT40 & GT40P castings.

Although there was nothing wrong with the previously offered viton valve seals, we felt it would be better to supply them in the OE design which is a special fixed body seal with a ribbed ID.

The ribbed ID improves the ease of installation and it also seals better between the seal and guide. The seal is just the right size so they can be pushed on by hand. Just use a little oil to lube the guide and seals before installation.

The OE seal is specific to SB Ford, when properly installed it goes on and bottoms out at the base of the guide.

Ford engineered these seals for their 302/351W small block engines with a .558"-.563" guide diameter.

Starting March 31st, 2014, we will supply this new seal version to everyone check the "add viton seals" to their valve spring kit order.

The part number for the new OE viton seal design is: VSS-288

More good news- Alex's Parts now supplies one free plastic valve seal protector sleeve with most of our seal sets.

Use the sleeve to slip over the end of the valve to assure the seal slides over the groove without damage to the seal.

Thanks for using Alex's Parts!