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Special Oversize Length Pushrods for SB Ford 302, Gt40 & Gt40P are available. 6.305" & 6.320" Now in stock!


We just received our special order for custom length pushrods for SB Ford GT40, GT40P, E7 and other SBF hyd roller engines, now they are available on our site!

These lengths are only available at Alexsparts.com, at a price no one else can touch. 

Builders can choose from the following lengths:

  • 6.305" (end to end measurement) or
  • 6.320" (end to end measurement)

These pushrods are manufactured from .075" wall material. Since stock pushrods are made from .060" wall, these offer an additional .030" worth of extra steel (.015" per side X 2) to improve column load capacity.

On top of that, they have been hardened to improve strength even further and to allow use with guide plates if required.

There will be some in between sizes such as 6.310", 6.315" etc but these will only be available as special order. If you're interested in one of the in between lengths, use the contact us link and we'll let you know what we can do.