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Special Oversize Length Pushrods for SB Ford 302, Gt40 & Gt40P to be available in early 2015

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We're pretty excited about this- We're seriously thinking of having special length pushrods manufactured specifically for 302 engines w/ hyd roller cams.

As many of you know, when changing cams, many times the engine will need to be fitted with longer than stock pushrods. This is mainly the result of a reduced base circle diameter used on many aftermarket performance cams.

There are several other factors which will affect the final required pushrod length so there is no magic -one size fits all- pushrod length, each engine will be a little different.

Last year, we made some +.065" pushrods and they were very popular, in fact we sold out but we still had customers asking for slightly shorter and longer lengths.

Based on the various requests from the SB Ford building community, we've noted the following lengths would be a great range of intermediate lengths to carry.

  • 6.305" (+.055")
  • 6.320" (+.070")

The pushrods will have increased wall thickness for added strength, have welded ends, black oxide and will be Heat Treated for increased column rigidity and guide plate compatibility.

To assure quality, we'd use a manufacturer located here in the US.

The goal is to offer them for under $50.00/set which will be the lowest price going for special length SBF pushrods anywhere.

This will be an Alex's Parts exclusive and will only be available from Alexsparts.com

If you like the idea of having access to these lengths, please let us know. Simply use the contact us link and send us a note. We have invest a chuck of money to do this so we'd like to know we have your support.

Thank you, Alex