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There has been a disruption in the flow of USA manufactured valve springs.


We're writing to inform our customers of the current state of affairs in regards to the flow of valve springs manufactured in the USA. Some have noticed many of the springs kits were unavailable for several months earlier this year and now that they're back, prices have gone up some. The increase is not because we were after a higher profit for ourselves but because our costs have gone up and our supply has been limited.

One of the manufacturers we use for valve springs has decided to close down. From what we hear... they can no longer make ends meet. This factory has been around for many years, they've supplied springs to almost all of the big brand names at one point or another and have done so for many decades.

As someone who has been in the automotive business for many years, every time this happens, it marks the end of another legendary period where the US falls behind in it's ability to keep up with the demand for products manufactured in the USA.

In a world where imported parts have become the norm, the loss of one of our American suppliers makes our heads hang low.... one more time. 

The factory in Chicago filled the void between more expensive US brands and springs manufactured in foreign countries. This factory was the last manufacturer to provide quality springs at an affordable price.

We had access to a small quantity of springs from this factory which we jumped on however, the supplier who distributes them has taken the liberty to raise the price as well as limit the quantify we can purchase.

This is bad news for all of us as it forces us to increase the selling price for many of our spring kits. We pride ourselves for our ability to offer quality spring kits at great prices and now we have no choice but to increase prices on many of our spring kits.

Our supplier has stated they're in negotiations with other spring factories but until they have settled on a factory, we won't be able to inspect the quality of what they'll eventually have to offer which means there could be a long dry spell for the lower priced spring kits.

We've been through this before... once with Stainless steel valves, once with lifters and now, valve springs.

For the time being, prices have gone up, the average price increase is around $10.00 per spring kit, give or take a few dollars. 

The good news is the parts are still good quality and the value is still a good deal just with a slightly higher price tag then what we've had in the past. Availability is only going to get worse so get them while they're available because at some point, the supply might dry up completely and it's possible, some of the spring kits could be discontinued if we can't find a suitable spring supplier.

The situation is what it is so we'll just have to deal with it as it comes.

Thank you, Alex

Alex's Parts