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We're getting ready to release a few new valve spring kits for SB Ford GT40 & GT40P heads.

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Here at Alex's Parts, were constantly working on ways to improve the quality and value of our parts line. This announcement is specific to the SB Ford crowd running GT40 and GT40P heads.

These OE castings have become very popular with an ever increasing number of people are using them with various combinations of cams and rocker ratios.

Those who are familiar with our valve spring kits, (VSK) know we already have good coverage for these engines.

We've noticed an increase of customers interested in upgrading their valve springs for use with high ratio rockers while retaining the stock cam. 

There are also a lot of performance enthusiasts who want to improve mid to upper RPM range using their existing stock cam and rocker ratios.

Some customers want to use GT40P heads on older 302/351W blocks with "flat tappet" cams.

With these people in mind, we have created several new spring kits which cater to low lift applications better than using a high lift spring kit for a low lift application.

Seat and open pressures were increased by around 25%

Stock springs put out around 75-80 Lbs seat pressure at best when new. Our VSK7A48-Z and VSK7A49-Z kits both offer around 25% more pressure than stock.

The best part is the Z kits are priced lower than any of the GT40 or GT40P kits, good new indeed!

We're also adding two more low lift spring kits, the "M" series kits. VSK7A48-M and VSK7A49-M offer a tad more seat pressure @ 105Lbs but a lot more open pressure @ 335+Lbs open which is 65% more open pressure. The M kits crank out some serious open pressure at low lift.

The "Z" kits are for street hot rod applications while the "M" kits are more fitted for .480" lift engines which will be run really hard. Also for applications which are turbo-charged, supercharged and/or for race applications. 

When replacing stock springs with either our Z or M GT40 or GT40P kits, expect to gain improved idle quality as well as improved mid to top end RPM.

As with all our valve spring kits, we're committed to offer the best value available on the net.

Just like our popular .560", .580" and .600" lift spring kits, the Z & M kits employ 7 degree chrome moly retainers and hardened locks and can all be fitted without the need to machine the spring base. Just verify the installed heights, add shims as needed and assemble.

These four new kits are scheduled to become available in early March.

Best regards, Alex~