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International Buyers Please Read


As of July 1st, 2021, we no longer ship to countries in the European-Union. We also no longer ship to the United Kingdom for the same reason. EU countries now want all US sellers to collect VAT and taxes for buyers in these countries. They expect us to collect, file and pay taxes to them without any compensation for the added accounting costs involved with this process. As a result, we no longer sell/ship to countries engaged in IOSS.


NOTE: Please note our website will not accept international orders.


The only way to place an international order is to use the contact us link. When writing us, be sure to let us know what parts you're interested in.

We offer three basic shipping services through the US Postal Service.

  1. First Class Mail (usually light weight packages)
  2. Priority Mail, flat rate envelopes and boxes
  3. Express mail, flat rate envelopes and boxes
  4. UPS

In order to get the best possible international shipping rates, please request a shipping quote through the "contact us" link. We normally respond quickly. Please note weekend response times may be longer. If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please re-submit your shipping quote request.

Include either a link or the description of the item(s) of interest, quantity and don't forget to include the city, postal code and country.

Payment options: International orders payments will be done via paypal invoice or "phone in" credit card.


* We reserve the right to decline shipping to certain countries. Countries which traditionally result in abnormally slow delivery times have proven problematic so we may decline. Since we have experienced slow delivery times to South America, you'll have to convince us to send anything there. If we are to ship to south America, express is the best choice. Please write for details.

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