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Locks, Keepers, Hardened 11/32" X 7 Degree, .050" Up Locks, Raises Retainer Higher

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Product Description

Up locks will produce around .050" more installed height then our current std green lock inventory. (see note below)

Hardened Single Groove Up Locks. Also known as "Offset Locks"

Application: 11/32" Applications



These are sold in half sets of 16 halves which is enough for 8 valves. If you need enough for 16 valves, simply order quantity of two.


We carry a few variations of offset locks. Some for more installed height and some for less.

Up locks are designed to offer MORE installed height. These can be a real problem solver when not enough installed height is available using std locks.

The main reason to use up locks is when there isn't enough installed height w/ Std locks.

These will increase retainer height by around .050" over std locks. (your results may very depending on which locks they are compared to) These will increase installed height .050" more than our std OE type "Green" locks.

Cautions: Up locks will raise the locks location on the valve tip. Engines using self aligning rockers, (LT1, Vortec SBC) will most likely experience clearance issues between rocker rails and the locks topside.

Specially manufactured for added strength, up locks are great for most performance single groove 11/32" valve applications in need of increased installed height.

If you look at the pictures, you can see the locator bead is offset.



  • Made in the USA
  • Precision Formed (Forged)
  • Hardened to Resist Wear
  • 7 Degree Lock Angle
  • Approximately .050" more installed height
  • Single Groove Square Bead
  • Comes with 16 halves.
  • Enough for 8 valves.


 NOTE -The amount of increased installed height obtained is limited to which std locks are used to start from. Now a days, std locks are coming from various sources and their heights vary from one to another. The amount of installed height increase is based on our current inventory of US made hardened green Std locks.

There are certain applications where additional attention to detail is required. Some applications might not have enough clearance between rocker arm and lock topside. Applications such as Late SBC Vortec and LT1 w/ self aligning rockers will most likely not have enough clearance.

The amount of increased installed height is based on a comparison between our 11/32" Std Green locks. When comparing to other locks, the amount of additional installed height may differ.


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