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LS Series Beehive Valve Spring Kit, Complete Kit, 137 Lb Seat, .625" Lift

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Product Description

Complete Valve Spring Kit

LS Series Beehive Valve Spring Kit, Up to .625" Lift


We're adding some new spring kits for LS engines. These are like nothing else available as they come with our new tall centering wall chrome moly locators.

The new kits are designed to fit early engines which came with a separate spring base and seal as well as later engines which came with hat style seal with the locator built onto the seal.

One of the problems building a later engine running hat style seals is the portion of the seal which locates the spring is not hardened so it gets chewed up when used with performance springs.

The other issue with the hat seal is the outside diameter is too small to properly support the spring. The fit between the spring and hat seal is known to be too loose which allows the spring to dance around on the seal base- an undesired condition.

What we've done here is include new 4140 steel locators and viton seals so the hat seals are no longer used, just toss them and use the parts in the kit.

On the early engines, you won't need the factory spring base as it will also be replaced with our updated locator.

Our new locators are specially designed with a tall centering wall which improves valve spring stability by providing additional support for the bottom section of the spring.

The beehive springs are from PAC so you know you're getting some of the best available.

All our LS beehive kits are hand built, the spring seat pressures are all measured on a Buxton precision valve spring tester.

Our testing process assures the seat pressures are close to one another and that the advertised lift range exists with a minimum of .060" clearance between max lift and spring solid height.

Spring seat pressures are batched together with like output springs to produce a well matched set.

Each kit comes with it's own installed height specification card which is specific to that particular kit.

What we're offing here is a custom built spring kit with good quality parts and for a limited time, a special package deal sale price.

Anyone who's shopped for good US made beehive springs already know the big mail order houses sell them for around 175.00 - 198.00 for just the springs alone- no retainers, locators, locks or seals. With this kit, you'll get all these additional parts for a minimum additional cost.

Check out our specifications and kit contents and decide for yourself. We're sure it won't take long to realize the incredible value offered here.


       Spring Sizes & Seat Load

  • Inside Diameter, Top- .650"
  • Outside Diameter, Top- 1.070"
  • Inside Diameter, Bottom- .885"
  • Outside Diameter, Bottom- 1.305"
  • Seat Pressure: 137 Lbs @ 1.790"


      Average Open Spring Loads:

  • 312 Lbs open @ .525" Lift
  • 322 Lbs open @ .550" Lift
  • 332 Lbs open @ .575" Lift
  • 342 Lbs open @ .600" Lift
  • 352 Lbs open @ .625" Lift


       Parts Included:

  • 16- Premium Ovate Wire Beehive Springs
  • 16- Chrome Moly Steel Beehive Retainers, 7 Degree
  • 16- Chrome Moly Steel Spring Locators, Tall Centering Wall Design, .045" base thickness. (see note 1 below)
  • 16- Viton Valve Seals- Replaces both early and late seals. Fits stock .499"/.500" OD guides with 8mm stem valves. (see note 2 below)
  • 16 Pair- Hardened Valve Locks, 7 Degree, Round Bead for LS series engines, 32 Pieces.


Locators and seals fit both, early and late engines with a superior lower spring support system.


Note 1: Most installed height micrometers will not clear tall centering wall locators. What happens is the inside of the mic will contact the top of the locator instead of sitting down on the intended locator surface below. Our solution is to include one extra locator which has been machined down to clear all the various installed height mics out there. Using your installed height mic, this modified locator can be used as a tool to aid in verifying all the installed heights. Once each installed height has been established, replace the modified locator with one of the sixteen tall wall locators. Next install the valve seal and spring/retainer assembly. Do this in each position until finished. The modified locator is easy to identify visually. Save the modified locator for future possible use.

Note 2: Valve seals must be installed after all the locators are in place.

Note 3: Since these kits are custom built, please allow around 7 days for shipment from order date. Additional time may be required during peak season. It's always best to plan ahead and order in advance.

Q & A:

Q- Is it mandatory to check installed heights?

A- If your LS series heads still have the stock valves in place and have not had a valve job, checking installed heights is not 100% required. This is due to modern factory CNC machining practices which hold closer tolerances compared to older cylinder heads. Of course, it's always wise to verify all the installed heights just to be sure. If your heads have had a valve job or the valves have been changed then it would be important to check all the installed heights.