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Pushrods, FE Ford, 9.560", For Non Adjustable Rockers on FE, Ball/Ball

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FE ENGINES w/ 9.560" Long Pushrods


Alex’s Parts offers a wide selection of pushrods for the non adjustable rocker FE Ford engines.

During a rebuild, it's wise to replace the pushrods.

Since most FE engines don't have adjustable rockers, lifter pre-load is set by installing the correct length pushrods.

Ford used many different lengths for their FE engines, we offer for FE engines alone.

Over the years, different model/size FE engines ended up with one of many different length pushrods.

When a builder goes through a FE engine, the final required pushrod length may be different than the original.

Machine work to the heads and/or block, different head gasket thickness, grinding valves and seats, (valve job) installing hardened seats, using a cam with a different base circle diameter, using rebuilt rocker arms or omitting the oil shield which sits under the rocker stands all will affect the final required length.

Tech note: After re-facing the valves and seats (valve job) the valves sink further into the head, which raises the height the valve tips protrude from the rocker side of the head. The higher the tips, the shorter the required pushrod. Some HP cams might call for a specific lifter pre-load setting which can only be altered by changing pushrod length.

The best way to determine pushrod length is to use an adjustable pushrod tool. Remember, when you order a tool, it needs to have 3/8” radius ends, not the more common 5/16” ends as used on most other engines. The ball ends should not have oil holes in them, using the wrong tool might create an in-accurate reading.

Once the correct length is established, order the pushrods in the closest available length.


  • 330
  • 332
  • 352
  • 360
  • 361
  • 389
  • 390
  • 391
  • 410
  • 427
  • 428
  • All w/ non adjustable rockers.


  • .060" Wall Thickness
  • 5/16 Outside Diameter
  • 3/8" Ball/Ball Ends
  • 9.560" Overall length


     All the lengths available from Alex's Parts:

  • 9.546"
  • 9.560"<- This listing
  • 9.590"
  • 9.620"
  • 9.660"
  • 9.680"


Please take care in selecting the correct length. Once opened, this item is not returnable.


Alex’s Parts, the smart choice in valve train parts.

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