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Stainless Steel Exh Valves, 1.550", Set of Eight for $50.00! LT4, Vortec, Fast Burn, ON SALE!

  • Replaces GM P/N 12551313
All Stainless Steel, 95 Grams
  • Replaces GM P/N 12551313
All Stainless Steel, 95 Grams
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Product Description

1.550”  X 4.910” Standard Length Valves

Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves, 1.550", ON SALE NOW!

$50.00 for set of eight exhaust valves.

SBC LT4, ZZ383/425, FAST BURN, CT350/400

Purchase quantity of one and get a set of eight valves!

These are modeled after GM's sodium filled valve # 12551313. They look the same, the main difference is these are not sodium filled, instead the valve is all stainless steel. It's profiled to the same lightweight shape.

Weighs in at 95 grams.

This valve will replace GM 12551313 perfectly.

The best part is you can get a full set of eight new exhaust valves for around the same as one # 12551313 valve!

These can also be fitted to LT1 or vortec heads. Sure, you'll need to have the exhaust seats machined to match up to a 1.550" valve face but it's not a difficult procedure.

Modern valve seat cutting equipment can resize seats for larger valves with just slightly more effort than doing a regular valve job.

Machine shops using Sunnen, Serdi and Newen equipment know it takes little additional effort to machine seats for bigger valves and respectable improvments can be had by replacing the heads boring factory seat angles with something more advanced.

Aluminum LT1 heads are easily fitted with 1.550" exhaust valves without the need for expensive seat removal and replacement.

Just machine the factory seat to accept the larger valve. That’s right, the factory seat insert does not need to be removed and replaced to use 1.550" valves.

Also good for iron LT1 and vortec heads.

With either application, the head builder can improve flow by selecting a complementing seat and bowl profile.

These are correct for engines running self aligning rockers.


      Fitment and Specifications:

  • A- 4.910" Overall Length
  • B- 1.550" Head Diameter (buyer to select size)
  • C- 11/32” Stem Diameter
  • D- .289” Groove to Tip Length (works with self aligning rockers)
  • Single Piece
  • Cup style valve head for reduced weight, same shape as GM 12551313
  • 30 Degree back cut and swirl polished
  • Premium 21-4N Stainless Steel Material
  • Chrome Stem
  • Hard Tips to reduce valve tip wear
  • Profiled after GM's #12551313
  • Purchase is for a set of eight valves


In stock and ready to ship! Order multiple sets and save even more.


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