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Thermactor Insert Kit, Smog Hole Plug, Threaded Head Insert, Accessory Bushing/Insert, SB Ford, F4ZZ-6E086-A

  • Thermactor Kit
  • Includes: Thermactor Inserts, 5/8"-11 Tap and Installation Tool
  • Thermactor Inserts & Install Tool
Thermactor Kit
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Product Description

Small Block Ford Smog Inserts

Thermactor Insert Kit, Includes: 1 Tap, 4 Thermactor Inserts and 1 Installation Tool

Thermactor Inserts Replace Ford # F4ZZ-6E086-A


We put this kit together so virtually anyone can install new thermactor inserts in new or used heads. We checked the forums and various sites and noted many of them were selling thermactor inserts but no one offered a kit with everything needed to cover all possible conditions one might run up against when needing to install thermactor insert(s) quickly.

This basic kit for $19.99 includes: 4 Thermactor Inserts, 1 Bottoming Tap and 1 Installation Tool.

We noticed some folks had trouble installing them using the screw slot on the insert and others couldn't get them installed all the way because there was too much carbon build up in the threads.

Sometimes new heads come with the insert installed on the wrong side of one head and they need to install an insert in the other side so they can mount required accessories.

With the basic $19.99 kit, you'll get a new 5/8"-11 NC bottoming tap, 4 thermactor plugs and the installation tool which is made up using a fully threaded Grade 5 Bolt and a extra long 5/8" drive nut which is stepped down on one end. The stepped down end butts up to the thermactor insert just right and allows the insert to be driven below the heads surface if needed to become tight. The tool is easy to remove from the insert after installation. Just hold the bolt head and loosen the drive nut. Simple yet effective.

If the the thermactor threads in the cylinder head have carbon build-up, use the 5/8"-11 tap to clean up the threads. (Be sure to use a little oil on the tap, do not use dry)

On heads where the insert will not install all the way, use the tap to clean up the threads. The kit gives you all the tools needed to get the job done without delay and the kit price is lower than the cost of a 5/8"-11 tap alone from your local hardware store.


      The Basic $19.99 Kit includes:

  • 4- Thermactor Plugs, made in the USA
  • 1-5/8"-11 NC Bottoming Tap
  • One Installation Tool (as shown in the pictures)


Customers interested in ordering the kit with just two thermactor inserts can do so and those who want more than 4 inserts can add 4, 8 or 96 more inserts. Just select the appropriate option towards the top of the page.

Every SB Ford builder needs to have one of these kits on hand and for this price, you can't go wrong as it will pay for itself the very first time its used.

Thanks for stopping by!